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Postgraduate Clinical Fellow in Psychodynamnic Psychotehrapy at Psychoterapy Institute of Back Bay

Location: Boston, MA

Job Description:
The Psychotherapy Institute of Back Bay offers a one to two-year post-graduate fellowship in
adult and couples psychodynamic psychotherapy. This 15-20 hour per week training
opportunity is focused on developing skills in psychodynamic clinical practice as well
as a foundation in the creation and administration of a private practice.

Program activities are held on Wednesdays beginning September 4, 2024, and
continue through the training year ending Wednesday, May 28, 2025 (Clinical hours
continue through August 31, 2025).

Fellows take part in the following:

  • Clinical Case Conference (All Fellows)
  • Working with Couples Seminar (1st Year Fellows) or Working with Couples Group
    Supervision (2nd Year Fellows)
  • Foundations of Psychotherapy Seminar/ Language of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
    Seminar (Fall) and Foundations of Character Styles (Spring)(1st Year Fellows) or
    Advanced Topics in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Seminar (2nd Year Fellows)
  • Group Process Supervision (All Fellows)
  • Weekly individual supervision with assigned supervisor [location/schedule TBD with

Duties and Responsibilities:
Fellows are expected to maintain a caseload of 8-9 individual/couples patients in Year
1 dependent on referral from PIBB. Caseloads increase to 10 individual/couples
patients in Year 2.

Strong interest in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

License eligibility in
their discipline prior to beginning the fellowship in September. (LCSW)

Fee for Service – percentage of earnings.

Contact Name: Marina Kovarsky
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone Number: (617) 417-7684

Other information:
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