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Roxbury Tenants of Harvard Hiring for Bi-Lingual English/Cantonese Resident Service Coordinator!

Location: 2 New Whitney Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, United States

Job Description: The Resident Service Coordinator’s (RSC) will help enable residents to live as independently and self-sufficiently as possible while maintaining their dignity and autonomy by informing them of available resources, assisting them in obtaining the services they choose to use and advocating for the resident when necessary.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Following established professional standards of practice and code of ethics, the RSC works to:

Increase the ability of residents to uphold lease obligations (timely rent payments, proper unit maintenance and quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the property for residents and neighbors).

Support efforts that enhance a resident’s quality of life, empower them, and promote the resident’s independence and self-sufficiency.

Build healthy communities through the active participation and cooperation of the management team, community agencies and residents.

Facilitate the provision of program support and/or intervention to stabilize families in need through coordination with community resources.


Minimum 2 years Human Services or related experience, MSW preferred

Excellent oral and written communication, organization, and time management skills

Experience working in an urban, community setting; preferably in housing

Experience working with families of diverse ages, races, and abilities.

Strong leadership and community building skills.

Understanding of resources in the Boston area and experience navigate through regional non-profit and government agencies.

Knowledgeable about services available to assist people with a disability, housing, drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, or mental health issues.

Some supervisory experience.

Must be a bilingual Chinese Cantonese speaker.

Salary: $50,000

Contact: Scott Amaral at (617)322-4306 or [email protected]