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Human Relations Service is Hiring!

Human Relations Service is currently hiring licensed clinicians for several different positions. HRS is a private, non-profit community mental health agency with a mission to heal lives while strengthening communities; to treat, reduce and prevent mental illness and to support the well-being of children, families and institutions in our towns. We offer a range of outpatient counseling, diagnosis and treatment services (including sliding scale self pay fees for those who qualify) and we are actively engaged in outreach to local schools, employee assistance programs and other local organizations.

HRS is a unique workplace that prioritizes meaningful connections and relationships. We value the importance of learning and growing together as clinicians, to benefit our patients, ourselves and our practice. Ours is a community that cares deeply about the quality of work we provide, the communities we serve, and about each other. We strive to create a work culture that is collaborative, thoughtful, creative, intellectual, supportive and reflective. We are proud to be a community clinic that continues to offer psychodynamic therapy to our clients, in a world where the pressures to shift away from this approach are rapidly growing.
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