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Azimuth Hiring

Are you ready to join us?

Azimuth in Boston, MA is looking for 2-3 licensed or license-eligible clinicians to become an integral part of our close-knit and exceptionally talented team, who is using a hybrid model of care delivery (i.e., in person and Telehealth). Remote and part-time opportunities are available for the right candidate(s).

If hired you will become a part of “The A-Team”! We specialize in helping people in high pressure careers by applying our training to clinical and non-clinical situa- tions, allowing those experiencing workplace distress to access comprehensive and science-backed tools for reaching their goals. Azimuth’s ability to recognize the utility of applying their talents to non-clinical life issues in this area of signifi- cant need has allowed many to gain access to support and solutions who other- wise would not have.

Azimuthians are well-versed in a variety of clinical approaches including CBT and dynamic theory. They are comfortable and interested in working with individuals in extremely high-stress careers, and appreciate the varied and challenging work that accompanies this group. They have a strong work ethic, and are interested in the continual development of themselves, their peers, and the practice as a whole. If this sounds as meaningful to you as it is to those whose lives are im- proved by our work, we would love to hear from you.


Azimuth is different from other practices. Our unique approach has allowed us to:

  • Pay transparently, ethically, and on-time
  • Work outside the insurance system to provide optimal care
  • Prioritize team culture and clinical work to ensure an ideal work environ- ment
  • Provide financial and leadership growth opportunities
  • Offer health insurance, plus other benefits and incentives that focus on the values of the group and its members.


“At Azimuth, there is an energy of genuineness you don’t find in many work- places; colleagues are sincerely interested in your professional development and success, as well as in you as a person. It’s refreshing that there are no egos, and people are always willing to help and support one another. There is a true sense of community, safety, warmth and trust that each one of us contributes to by be- ing open, honest and willing to work together to make our clients, ourselves, and Azimuth the best we can be.

“It’s hard to say what makes an Azimuth colleague ideal because in many ways, we are vibrantly different from one another. A few characteristics that I value and appreciate, though, stem from a willingness to be vulnerable and grow, to give of yourself to help others, and an appreciation for levity and a good sense of humor!

“It’s true what they say: if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, and that’s how I feel at Azimuth. It helps when you work for an organization where you feel valued, the work is meaningful, and your colleagues are stellar human beings.” To apply, submit your CV to Dr. Jacqueline Barry, our Director of Talent, at [email protected]