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Mental Health Advocate – Norfolk Advocates for Children

• MHCs shall be responsible for providing internal and external education and training opportunities
to community partners and community members on various topics including but not limited to the
NAC, trauma, mental health issues including depression and suicide, and mandated reporting
(at least 25 per year);
• MHCs shall develop and implement a new program for children with problematic sexual behaviors (PSB)
under the age of 12 who can no longer be charged criminally in Massachusetts – program shall include
individual therapy referrals and opportunities for these children to receive support, assistance and
treatment. Said program shall meet not fewer than four (4) times per year;

than four (4) times per year;
• MHCs shall provide at least one (1) Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy training opportunity
for clinicians/providers in Norfolk County receiving NAC referrals;
• MHCs shall identify, secure and maintain relationships and executed linkage agreements with local
providers/clinicians who can provide treatment, services and care for victims and their families seen
at the NAC;
potential clinicians who can provide direct trauma-focused treatment, services and care for victims
and their families seen at the NAC;
• MHCs shall report to the NAC Program Director a list of providers visited each week – said list shall be
maintained by the NAC Program Director for grant and reaccreditation purposes;
• MHCs shall collectively work to create, update and maintain an active Book of Referrals of clinicians
referrals to victims and their families;

• MHCs are responsible for reading and understanding the National Children’s Alliance (NCA)
Mental Health reaccreditation requirements for the NAC;
• MHCs are responsible for working closely with the NAC Program Director to ensure compliance
with NCA mental health standards;
• MHCs are responsible for meeting with referring providers/clinicians to ensure their compliance
with reaccreditation requirements including collecting required information regarding

• Attend weekly multidisciplinary team interviews of child abuse victims;
• Provide at least three (3) referrals for treatment for every victim seen at the NAC;
• Follow up with phone calls to victims and their families after referrals have been made;
• Consult with multidisciplinary team members (MDT) to provide feedback on issues of
child development and trauma;
that have experienced trauma preferred. LSWA, LSW, LCSW, LMHC, LICSW preferred.
• Knowledge of Children’s Advocacy Centers and multidisciplinary team approach in the
investigation of child abuse is preferred.
• Knowledge of the Criminal Justice System is preferred.
These are grant-funded positions. The grant period is July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.
The position is for forty (40) hours per week.

Please send a resume and cover letter to Norfolk Advocates for Children,
12 Payson Road, Foxborough, MA 02035 or [email protected]