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This AFSC specialty requires a Master’s degree in Social Work from a graduate school accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).  A list of accredited graduate programs can be found at Applicants must have their degree plus one year of post graduate clinical social work experience in order to apply. Applicants must have an entry level state license in order to EAD. It is important to verify that the applicant will have a license by his/her EAD date.  After efforts to verify this, if unsure whether an applicant will be licensed in time contact the AF Social Work Consultant for assistance. Almost always, whatever work experience they have is not as a fully licensed CSW, so do not count it towards grade credit on your AF Form 1431 unless you are sure it is fully licensed. These candidates are typically O-2s with no professional work grade credit.

Be sure to have the AF Social Work Consultant review all CV/resume’s and transcripts prior to preparing the application. Intern applicants must be able to attend the 22 Jun 2021 OTS class.

42S1 Position Description:                                                                                                                          

Air Force clinical social workers are a valued member of the mental health team.  Through treatment, outreach, prevention, and community programs social workers utilize their knowledge and expertise to assist Airmen and their families in meeting the unique challenges of the Air Force mission and military way of life.  Working in a multidisciplinary setting, Air Force social workers find opportunities for leadership that are unrivaled in civilian practice.  Military social workers see the direct results of their efforts in individuals, families, and the military community while contributing to both micro and macro level practice activities. Air Force social workers work with individuals, families, and groups of people of all ages. They use their knowledge and skills to conduct clinical interviews and evaluate patients; diagnose mental disorders and formulate treatment plans; recommend administrative and medical dispositions; provide individual, couple, family and group therapy; admit, treat, and discharge patients, with physician oversight to/from inpatient substance abuse treatment programs; perform risk assessments and determine degree of danger posed by the patient; screen records and personnel for security clearances and make administrative recommendations; serve as behavioral health consultant to commanders, first sergeants and medical personnel; manage Air Force mental health programs to include Family Advocacy Program (FAP), Alcohol Drug Abuse and Treatment Prevention Program (ADAPT), and Outpatient Mental Health; and serve as an element chief and/or flight commander. In addition, Air Force clinical social workers may be involved in conducting and participating in research, serve as social work training directors, teach in family practice residency programs, or fill staff officer positions.  During deployments Air Force clinical social workers use their skills to prevent and treat psychological problems in order to support and enhance the Air Force mission.                                    

Send all interview requests to the Social Work Consultant who will coordinate the interview with the designated interviewer of his/her choice.                            

There is an AFCCVO requirement for interns


To apply email [email protected]