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Brookline Center for Community Health: BRYT District/School Support Specialist

Job Description

Title: BYRT District/School Support Specialist

Hours: Full-time (40 hours/week)

Location: Remote/Massachusetts-based with future travel to other states


The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health is a leading Massachusetts provider of mental health care and community-based social services, a sought-after placement for training clinicians, and a partner to more than 50 agencies working to improve the wellbeing of our community’s most at-risk and vulnerable populations. The Brookline Center offers outstanding, affordable care to all who need it, no matter their ability to pay, helping individuals, children and families lead healthier, safer and fuller lives, while building a stronger community for all. In addition, we have launched and continue to grow several innovative programs supporting people and communities statewide and beyond. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to workplace diversity.

Position Summary

The Brookline Center’s BRYT Team is developing a rapidly growing network of innovative, school-based programs that address the needs of students who have fallen behind due to serious mental health challenges or medical illness. BRYT recognizes that integrated clinical/coping supports, academic coordination, family support, and overall care coordination are necessary for successful reintegration, and this model has proven to be highly effective – helping vulnerable students develop resilience, regain health, maintain social connection, and continue (and, ultimately, complete) their education. BRYT also recognizes that access to mental health—both the conditions that foster good mental health and high-quality services and supports for addressing mental health challenges—is distributed inequitably in the United States, and we are committed to integrating an equity lens (with a particular focus on racial equity) into every aspect of the BRYT team’s work.

BRYT programs have become the norm in many areas of Massachusetts, and BRYT is beginning to develop a national presence. As rapid growth continues, BRYT needs a new team member to work directly with districts and schools on planning, establishing, and continuously improving BRYT programs. In particular, we need a team member who will support the development of BRYT programs in schools outside Massachusetts. The District & School Support Specialist will work closely with other BRYT team members at every stage of the process of supporting schools and districts, and in implementing BRYT’s strategic plan more broadly, including planning and implementing professional development, developing new strategies and approaches to maximizing BRYT’s technical assistance work, and continuously raising BRYT’s profile.

The right candidate will have extensive experience working in and with schools, including collaborating closely with school and district administrators and student support personnel. Their education and credentials will reflect this experience, and will include evidence of a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The District & School Support Specialist will be committed to promoting high-quality, well integrated mental health supports as part of schools’ overall efforts at working with the whole child and improving achievement. They will be a great team member who is innovative in approaching the work and flexible in terms of both thinking and availability (including being available to work remotely with staff of districts and schools in the Pacific, Western, and Central time zones on a regular, sometimes daily, basis as well as traveling regularly once the COVID-19 disruption subsides).

Core Responsibilities

Build Awareness of BRYT among School and District Leaders 

  • Develop and disseminate promotional materials 
  • Attend, and make presentations about BRYT, at meetings and conferences of organizations and  groups in school-based support and related fields 
  • Respond to inquiries about the BRYT model 
  • Follow up individually with contacts from districts/schools who may become champions for BRYT  program development 
  • Meet with representatives from interested schools/districts to present the BRYT model, answer  their questions, and consult around program vision, mission, and establishment 

Work with School and District Leaders to Develop New Bridge Programs 

  • Maintain relationships with district leaders, principals, guidance counselors, and other school based staff to support them through the program development process 
  • Use and adapt/customize BRYT program planning tools to guide school and district teams  through a comprehensive, customized planning process leading to BRYT program start-up ∙ Provide intensive consultation for program planning as appropriate, meeting with district and school teams as needed to facilitate the planning process, and promptly following up in writing between meetings in order to keep planning process moving forward 
  • When possible, identify potential external funding sources for program start-up, and support  schools in accessing external funding 
  • Consult with BRYT teammates for support on planning specific program elements, engaging  teammates directly in the planning process as appropriate 

Ensure Maximum Program Quality via Customized Technical Assistance 

  • Collaborate with BRYT teammates to provide formal technical assistance to BRYT programs to  ensure optimal results 
  • Facilitate regular program self-assessment and continuous improvement planning sessions with  district and school teams 
  • When requested and agreed upon, provide technical assistance to schools related to  development of systems (beyond BRYT) that help enable the success of their BRYT programs as  well as more effective schoolwide mental health supports for students and families ∙ Cultivate new technical assistance relationships and agreements  
  • Assist in developing MOUs with school systems  

Lead and Collaborate on Professional Development and Program Networking Activities

  • Work to engage staff of Bridge programs in BRYT networking and professional development  activities 
  • Develop and facilitate, often in collaboration with other BRYT team members, professional  development sessions for BRYT program staff as well as for school and district faculty and staff ∙ Create additional opportunities for staff of bridge programs to collaborate (e.g., special  networking meetings and targeted professional development) as appropriate 

Participate in the Program Evaluation Process 

  • Assist with development of program evaluation model and data collection efforts, including  supporting BRYT programs in using the BRYT Portal 
  • Participate as appropriate in research activities aimed at continuously increasing the research  base for BRYT

Participate in BRYT’s Work to Support the Development of More Equitable Districts, Schools, and  Communities 

  • Participate in the BRYT team’s internal learning and growth work toward the ability to effectively  engage in efforts to undo racism and other forms of oppression in ourselves and in the districts,  schools, and organizations with which we partner 
  • Collaborate with teammates to apply an equity lens to all aspects of BRYT’s work 

Job Requirements 

  • Extensive experience working in schools and/or collaborating closely with school and district leaders ∙ Working understanding of core mental health concepts and  
  • Formal education commensurate with professional experience 
  • Demonstrated experience in developing well-structured and sustainable programs in the school  setting 
  • Experience providing/facilitating both customized technical assistance and group-level networking  and learning activities for district and school staff 
  • Strong teamwork orientation and skills 
  • Demonstrated experience working on diversity, equity, and inclusion in prior professional roles
  • Experience collaborating with stakeholders from multiple organizations and systems (clinical and  community mental health, schools, funders, and others) 
  • Driver’s license and access to an automobile for daytime travel several times a week (mileage and  tolls are reimbursed by the Brookline Center)

REPORTS TO: BRYT Associate Director 

START DATE: Winter 2021 (projected; there is room for negotiation of start date) Competitive salary and benefits package. 

Interested Applicants: Please email a resume with cover letter specific to this position to paul_hyry [email protected] Please also use this address to direct any questions about the position to  Paul Hyry-Dermith, BRYT Director. 

Your materials should provide us with evidence (specific descriptions, examples of prior experiences,  references to documents, etc.) that you have the required credentials (and the preferred qualifications if  applicable).