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Resident Services Manager

The Resident Services Manager position focuses on enhancing the quality of life in the RTH Community including fostering community, being attentive to safety and security of residents and coordinating with Management and the Facility’s Department to assist in coordinating services. The position requires an individual who is flexible enough to assume a variety of roles as dictated by the changing needs of residents. It is crucial that an individual be able to relate well to others and handle administrative responsibilities. The Resident Services Manager is more than just a friendly presence; they are the crucial link in creating an environment in which residents develop independence and learn to live cooperatively with others.

Roxbury Tenants of Harvard, Inc.

DEPARTMENT: Resident Services

SUPERVISOR: Director of Resident Services

The Resident Services Manager will be responsible for leading and implementing all daily operations associated with the Resident Services Department. Responsible for the administration, supervision, training and evaluation of Resident Services staff, social work interns, work-study and volunteers.

This includes providing support for staff social work interns and work-study students and volunteers, coordinating classes with residents, medical partners, and other organizations, and ensuring that each program achieves quality performance outcomes. Works with residents, and staff to help to preserve housing and strive for a positive outcome.

STATUS: Full-time, exempt

Required, LCSW or LICSW
Excellent oral and written communication, organization and time management skills
Experience working in an urban, community setting; preferably in housing
Experience working with families of diverse ages, races, and abilities
Strong leadership and community building skills
Understanding of resources in the Boston area and experience navigate through regional non-profit and government agencies
Knowledgeable about services available to assist people with a disability, housing, drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence or mental health issues
Supervisory experience to supervise other staff, social work interns and work-study
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
Possess organizational, time management and problem-solving skills
Knowledge of relevant state, federal and local resources and agencies
Current CPR, AED, and First Aid certifications required

Welcome new residents and explains the RSC program as well as appropriate and available community resources, programs and services.
Identifies need for assistance; educates on available resources; links and connects residents with appropriate programs services as requested.
Build and maintain a high standard of customer service and serves as a role model for residents, program participants, staff and volunteers.
Contributes to a positive and safe work environment.
Attend and participate in staff, program and inter department and community meetings as directed.
Ensures all assigned staff, social work interns, work-study and volunteers complete necessary paperwork in a timely manner.
Develops linkages with community service organizations and programs.
Keeps current regarding available community resources, federal, state and local programs and fulfills required education and training requirements.
Advocates for the residents and acts as liaison between residents and management as well as with community.
Encourages residents’ self-advocacy and empowerment in meeting their social, psychological, physical, economic and other self-sufficiency needs.
Works with management to help to preserve resident tenancy.
Follows mandated reporting requirements according to adult and child protective state statues.
Follows-up appropriately with residents.
Fulfills timely reporting requirements for state and federal agencies.
Remains flexible and completes extra duties as assigned.

Supervise program coordinators, staff and volunteers including recruitment, orientation, training, work plan development and oversight, feedback/evaluation and professional development in accordance with the RTH organization policies and applicable laws.
Build and maintain a high standard of customer service and serves as a role model for residents, program participants, staff and volunteers. Contributes to a positive and safe work environment.
Ensures all assigned social work interns, work-study and volunteers complete necessary paperwork in a timely manner, monitors payroll and adheres to human resources responsibilities.
Attend and participate in staff, board and community meetings, as directed.
Prepares and submits accurate reports as requested in a timely manner.
Maintains appropriate resident files with proper documentation of information in a secure location to ensure privacy and confidentiality.
Maintains accurate record keeping, organized file system and follows up on voicemails, emails and /or faxes within 24-48 business hours of receipt. Responds to all program, parent and community inquiries and complaints in a timely manner.
Research and apply for potential funding sources for resident programing as wants and needs are identified.
Performs other duties as directed/assigned.

Ideal Candidate
Bilingual in Spanish or Cantonese
Adhere to the NASW Code of Ethics
Models and teaches RTH core values
Builds relationships and empathetically listens and communicates
Provides staff with feedback, coaching, guidance and support
Passion to work with residents of all ages and abilities, volunteers and staff
Experience in recruiting, managing and hiring, training and evaluating staff, social work interns, work-study and volunteers
Flexible work schedule
Demonstrates skills in handling multiple tasks, tracking details and setting priority for accomplishing a variety of projects
Self-starter; able to initiate and carry out diverse duties with minimal supervision
Enjoys thinking of new ideas; is creative and resourceful
Strong skills in communication, leadership, judgement, conflict resolution, and creativity

Please reply to:
Scott Amaral, Director of Resident Services
Roxbury Tenants of Harvard
11 New Whitney Street
Boston, MA 01215
(617) 232-4306 ext. 306
[email protected]