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Inclusion Director

Camp Livingston is a residential summer camp in Bennington, IN that serves 300 campers, ages 7-18, and employs over 70 staff, 18 and older. We are seeking a licensed social worker or licensed independent social worker to join our team as the Inclusion Coordinator. Ideally, this person would have experience working with children and/or teens with special needs aged 7-17. Dates of employment are May 30th-August 4th, with 6 days off throughout their time at camp.

The primary responsibility of the Inclusion Coordinator is to work hands-on with our campers and staff to ensure that every member of our community is happy, healthy, safe, and successful at camp. We have a handful of campers with a variety of special needs, and the Inclusion Coordinator will supervise the one-on-one aids (advocates) that work with these campers throughout the summer. 

The Inclusion Coordinator will serve as a resource to our staff in navigating challenging camper behaviors and accommodating specific kids’ needs. This staff member will play a role in creating a culture of inclusion within the camp community, with requirements for him or her to create and implement trainings for our summer staff.

In this capacity, our Inclusion Coordinator will take on various roles, such as working with our kitchen staff to ensure we are accommodating dietary needs, observing camper behaviors to strategize with counselors about best practices, and communicating with camper parents about what is happening on the ground at camp. The Inclusion Coordinator will be expected to work with the Leadership Team in creating a culture of wellness among our campers and staff by assisting in programming and activities that teach healthy habits to our camp community. 

1. Graduate degree in social work, psychology, or special education (or similar) and/or social work license 
2. Background in camping (preferred but not required) 
3. At least several years of experience in teaching, clinical work and supervision with record of increasing responsibility
a. Ability to plan, direct, and evaluate a complex program, using manpower, time, funds, and other resources for the accomplishment of long-term and short-term goals of the organization. 
4. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with camper, parents, staff, community partners, and donors. 
5. Experience in managing others 
6. Ability to respond to emergency situations and manage crises.
7. Ability to create behavior modification plans for individual campers. 
8. Ability to modify camp programming to meet the needs of campers, staff and other stakeholders. 
9. Ability to listen well, resolve conflicts, and perform as a leader in a fast-paced and demanding work environment. 
10. High degree of self-motivation and capable of working independently, while at the same time possess the skills needed to be a team player and contribute to collaborative projects.

Contact: [email protected]