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Child Welfare Worker

Children’s Corps is a program that recruits, trains and supports college graduates and professionals of all backgrounds who are passionate about working with children and families involved in the child welfare system. Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable children by building a workforce of highly-skilled and dedicated workers who have the potential to become leaders in the field. The program offers an employment opportunity for individuals who want to work on the frontlines in New York City’s child welfare agencies. Our program partners with 15 foster care and preventive agencies that employ the Corps members and provide them with a full salary and benefits. The available positions vary, but typically include: Case Planner (BA and MA level), Socio-therapist (BA level), Family Therapist (MSW or MHC), and Interventionist (BA level). 

It is not essential to have prior knowledge of the child welfare system. However, once accepted into the program, Children’s Corps members are required to participate in our 4 week Summer Training Academy, where we teach “real world” experience and provide a foundation of knowledge and skills before they begin working in the field. After completion of the training, members are placed in frontline positions at agencies in New York City and Westchester, working in foster care, preventive services, or residential settings. Members are required to commit two years to working in their placement agency. Members receive ongoing personal support and professional development throughout the two years with our program. 

Benefits include: 
• A very close and supportive network of professionals, peers, and alumni
• A dynamic and comprehensive pre-service training and on-going support
• A full-time job in NYC with salary and benefits
• An environment to accomplish personal and professional goals and to develop your skills as the next leader in child welfare

The Children’s Corps approach strives to: 
• Prepare its members to enter this field 
• Meet the needs of the city’s most vulnerable children and families
• Fully support its members as they undertake this rewarding and challenging work
• Foster a community of leaders committed to advocating for and leading efforts to make fundamental changes to the child welfare system.

Job Responsibilities/Activities vary depending on the specific placement, but may include:
• Assessing for safety and risk of children 
• Visiting families in their homes and at the agency on at least a bi-monthly basis 
• Coordinating and supervising family visits at the agency and/or in the community 
• Making service referrals 
• Advocating for clients in their effort to secure services such as public assistance, health insurance, and help with immigration issues 
• Accompanying families to necessary programs or service appointments as necessary (i.e. drug treatment, medical, school, housing, public assistance, immigration, etc.)
• Participating in family team conferences
• Interfacing and maintaining contact with schools, mental health facilities, and other service providers 
• Attending and testifying at court hearings 
• Documenting all case activity with families and community providers 
• Working collaboratively with families, supervisors, lawyers, treatment teams, etc.

Job Qualifications:

• A minimum of a bachelor’s degree before summer training begins
• US citizenship, permanent residency or valid work authorization
• Two-year commitment 

Children’s Corps seeks candidates who are:
• Passionate about working towards making a difference in the lives of children and families
• Compassionate, energetic and self-directed
• Dedicated to supporting at-risk families
• Flexible 
• Non-judgmental
• Resilient and persistent
• Very organized; able to set priorities and multi-task
• Eager to join a strong and supportive network and to develop professional skills
• Confident and motivated to make a 2-year commitment to working in child welfare
• Interested in a career in the non-profit/social justice sector

How to Apply:

Please go to and follow application directions. Please note that resumes will not suffice as an application. Final deadline is March 6, 2016.