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Camp Clinician

A clinician at an Experience Camp is part of a team of masters prepared mental health professionals who report to the Director of Camper Services (DoCS) at that specific location. Under the direction of the DoCS, clinicians are responsible for facilitating bereavement activities, encouraging bunk discussions around issues pertaining to grief/bereavement, practicing behavioral interventions, and providing support in areas of mental health to bunk counselors and volunteer staff. 

Job Responsibilities 
1. Prior to the start of camp, participate in a webinar or conference call orientation, led by the DoCS, with other members of the clinical team to become familiar with camp guidelines and procedures, as well as gaining a more intensive understanding of the grief component of the program and of staff make-¬up.
2. Prior to the start of camp, become familiar with all written materials provided by the DoCS, as well as written camper profiles for assigned bunk. Identify any concerns that should be addressed with the DoCS before camp begins. 
3. During the week of camp, participate in daily clinical team meetings to discuss how individual campers are doing, as well as any camper or bunk challenges/successes that should be addressed and acknowledged. 
4. Attend clinical team planning meeting prior to bereavement-¬related activities to review guidelines and goal of activity, as well as to prepare materials and supplies. 
5. Facilitate sharing circles and bereavement activities according to the Experience Camps Clinical Team Member Guidelines. 
6. Provide guidance and support to bunk counselors on behavior strategies and interventions for any camper challenges, as well as for routine bunk management. 
7. Communicate any camper/bunk concerns to the Director of Camper Services and follow stated protocol on any necessary reporting or intervention. 
8. Document and provide to the DoCS relevant notes on assigned campers and situations, during and/or after camp. 

The position of the Clinician requires a masters’ level graduate degree in a recognized mental health field, with a professional background in at least two of the following: peer-¬based support groups, camp experience, relevant professional experience working with children, and advanced training in issues of grief and loss.

Contact: Jenny Schreiber at [email protected]