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Recovery Support Specialist

The Recovery Support Specialist is responsible for ensuring the coordination of rehabilitative services for CBFS people and integration/coordination of all rehabilitative services for their caseload. This paraprofessional position provides direct services to people under CBFS to include housing, support, transportation, promote self-determination and decision making, didactic teaching, advocacy, service coordination, outreach and assistance with community integration with a person centered treatment approach. Responsible for developing confidential rehabilitation files for all persons assigned.

The Recovery Support Specialist (RSS) is a member of the Recovery Support Team of the CBFS Program. Their role is to support and facilitate a recovery oriented, person centered approach, utilizes techniques of psychiatric rehabilitation, including but not limited to:

  1. Communicate with persons with psychiatric disabilities in order to develop a collaborative relationship. 
  2. Assist people with psychiatric disabilities to identify personal priorities, preferences, strengths, and interests in order to help them establish goals that are consistent with their worldview.
  3. Instill hope by engaging in positive interactions regarding a person’s potential for recovery from a psychiatric disability
  4. Emphasize choices for persons with psychiatric disabilities to help them achieve their goals.
  5. In collaboration with the Recovery Support Team collaborate with persons with psychiatric disabilities to help them to write goals with specific action steps in order to develop effective treatment/rehabilitation recovery plans.
  6. Advocate that persons with psychiatric disabilities need to make informed choices to further their own recovery.
  7. Assist in teaching skill building techniques that help move a person on to the most independent setting or level of care.
  8. Advocate for better access to public services and resources for persons with psychiatric disabilities in order to facilitate their recovery and full integration into the community.


High School Diploma/GED equivalent required. Bachelors Degree highly preferred. At least two years experience with population who has severe and persistent mental illness in lieu of degree required. Must have a Driver’s license. Must be MAP certified, CPR/first aide certified within five (5) continuous months of employment/date of hire (training provided). 



How to Apply 

Please send resume and CV to Katie Thelen at [email protected]