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Early Intervention Specialist

Smart from the Start is a family support, community engagement and school readiness organization that has as its mission to prevent the academic achievement gap among young children living in the lowest income of families and communities. Smart empowers parents and caregivers in under-served communities with the tools, resources and support they need to break cycles of chronic school underachievement and generational poverty. Early Intervention is crucial in assessing our children and ensuring that they are adequately prepared for school. 

Smart is offering a comprehensive, coordinated set of services for parents, caregivers and children to support school readiness, including home visiting, parenting education and support, adult education, information and referrals to vital services, fun and educational programs for parents and caregivers together, and activities to support a community-wide focus on school readiness. 


  • Plan and organize small group activities
  • Executive theory-prescribed intervention 
  • Develop case files for children in need of services
  • Work closely with other EI staff members to provide sufficient care to families.
  • Ability to maintain clinical records in timely compliance with agency policies and procedures
  • Demonstrate knowledge of, recognize and apply in work practices.
  • Ability to respond to a range of clients’ needs using differential diagnoses and treatment approaches.
  • Ability to effectively organize time and responsibilities.
  • Ability to do insurance billing 
  • Develop progress notes for each child, each week. 
  • Develop activity notes for each play group, each group. 


  • Bachelors or Masters Degree  with a major or concentration in Early Intervention, Early Childhood Education, Childhood Development, Child Studies, Education or Special Education and Social Work.
  • Must have knowledge of Early Intervention practices. 
  • Experience with infants, children and families. 
  • Spanish speaking preferred. 
  • Provisionally certified preferred, all applications accepted. 


Based on experience

How to Apply 

Please send resume and CV to [email protected]